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Companion Animals Club

Companion Animals Club

We promote the enjoyment of companion animals through related activities such as volunteer opportunities and social events while providing career and educational resources for members. We have monthly meetings with guest speakers, an exciting field trip each semester, and a number of service and social events throughout the year!

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Advised by: Sarah Albert,

Hoof & Horn Club

The Hoof and Horn Club is the University of Illinois chapter of the National Block and Bridle Association. The club's main objective is to provide the opportunity for students to develop greater knowledge of the animal sciences industry. Each year begins with the annual Fall Call Out to welcome students back to campus and introduce the club to new students. The club holds monthly meetings that often include guest industry speakers. Illinois Hoof and Horn website
Advised by:
Dr. Doug Parrett,
Dr. Dan Shike,

Illini Dairy Club

Illini Dairy Club

We offer several unique benefits for students at the University of Illinois. Members gain knowledge about the industry and dairy cows in general. Member’s public relation skills are enhanced through networking with dairy farmers and industry personnel of the Midwest, hands-on experience with cattle at the university farm and at livestock shows, and numerous social activities within the club and with dairy clubs throughout the Midwest. Illini Dairy Club website
Advised by:
Dr. Dave Miller,
Dr. Phil Cardoso,

Illini Equestrian Club

Illini Equestrian Club

Illini Equestrians is dedicated to providing experiences and education for anyone interested in equestrian sports. Whether an individual has been riding for his/her entire life, or has never been on a horse, the club is more than willing to accept him/her onto the team and assist with instruction and learning. It is our belief that, for many people, horses and riding are lifelong passions. We don't want that passion to be unfulfilled because of college.

Illini Equestrians website
Advised by: Dr. Kevin Kline,

Illini Poultry Club

We are open to anyone who loves poultry or wants to learn more about poultry species such as chickens, ducks, geese, and more.  Members have attended the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta, GA for the last 3 years to learn more about all aspects of the poultry industry.  The Illini Poultry club usually holds 2 Omelet Breakfast Fundraisers, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Advised by:
Chet Utterback,
Pam Utterback,

Illini Wildlife and Conservation Club

The Illini Wildlife and Conservation Club connects and organizes students to volunteer with wildlife and conservation programs in developing countries, assists with funding these trips where possible, and encourages cultural immersion and awareness of the local social-economic and environmental issues.

Advised by: Adam Brandt,

Meat Science Club

Ribeye Roll

The Meat Science Club provides enhanced educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the meat and animal science industries.  Students participate in competitive events on and off campus which extends their knowledge of the industry.  The club also provides a connection between students and various employment and professional development opportunities including plant tours, meet and greets, and lunch and learns.

For Catering Information, contact Diana Pezza at or 217-333-8485.

Meat Science Club Website
Advised by:
Diana Pezza,
Daniel Clark,

Pre-Vet Club

Pre-Vet Club

Our club is designed to give students information on different fields of Veterinary Medicine and other animal-related careers. We invite speakers to come to our meetings and talk about their careers and the opportunities it has offered them. Pre-Vet Club website
Advised by: Dr. Kelly Swanson,

Production Animal Club

Production Animal Club

Our club is for students looking to gain more experience with production animals such as sheep, cattle, swine, and poultry. Trips are taken to places such as Salt Creek Alpacas, Prairie State Semen Supply, and more. The club also has meetings that host educational speakers. No previous experience is necessary.

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Advised by: Dick Cobb,

Rodeo Club

The Rodeo Club at the University of Illinois was founded to further the sport of rodeo through participation, spectatorship, and promotion; and to allow members to contribute in any of these areas. The Club is very committed to preserving the heritage of rodeo, as well as passing our enthusiasm on to the public through education and awareness. The Rodeo Club strives to teach several life-long skills to its members related to public speaking, negotiating, organizing a major event, budgeting, advertising, and much more.

Rodeo Club Website
Advised by: Jocelyn Delhotal,

Saddleseat Illini

Saddleseat is a riding discipline that emphasizes both horsemanship and showmanship. Our club offers many opportunities for members to get involved and meet other Saddleseat enthusiasts. We represent University of Illinois in the Intercollegiate Saddleseat Riding Association, where we ride in shows across the country. Although we are primarily a Saddleseat club, we welcome riders of all disciplines and riding backgrounds--beginner or advanced!

Advised by: Debra Hagstrom,

Student Equine Emergency Rehabilitation Society (S.E.E.R.S.)

SEERS student organization

We are a University of Illinois Registered Student Organization that acts as an affiliate chapter of the Society for Hooved Animals' Rescue and Emergency (SHARE), a horse rescue operation based in Dewey, IL that acts for equine welfare in the state of Illinois. We organize daily carpools to volunteer at the horse rescue with daily feedings, training, grooming and socialization. We are involved in organizing fundraisers to raise money for SHARE and to help in any way needed.

SEERS Website
Advised by: Debra Hagstrom,

Teachers 4 Creatures

Teachers 4 Creatures

We are a club that is dedicated to educating and interacting with the local community in order to increase knowledge about companion animals. We have 5 committees in our club that focus on different aspects in the companion animal field, which include Anti-Breed Discrimination, Puppy Mill Education, Exotic Animals, Animal Assisted Activities, and Feline Overpopulation.

Teachers for Creatures website
Advised by:
Sarah Albert,
Dr. Amy Fischer,