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ANSC 438
Lactation Biology

This Lactation Biology website focuses on the biology of lactation and mammary gland biology and includes a wide range of topics and resources.

Lactation Biology is interrelated with many areas of animal biology. Just a few of these are indicated in the image below. Information on this webpage is available for use by anyone interested in lactation and mammary gland biology.


The Lactation Biology website originally was developed in December 1995 as a compilation of course notes and resources for a course taught as part of the curriculum of the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, USA. Lactation Biology is taught by Dr. Walter L. Hurley, Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

The current course number is ANSC 438; previsouly it was listed as ANSCI 308. The course is taught through a series of case studies and includes extensive in-class group discussions, group project exercises, demonstration labs, on-farm labs, some lecturing and online quizzes. The course focuses on modules on mastitis, mammary development, mother and neonate interactions, lactation, and human lactation.

In early efforts to teach this course in the early- and mid-1980's, Dr. Hurley had the good fortune to gain access to sets of course notes from Dr. Robert D. Bremel (at the University of Wisconsin at that time) and Dr. H. Allen Tucker (Michigan State University). The Biology of Lactation book by G.H. Schmidt (WH Freeman & Co., 1971) also was an invaluable resources in the initial organization and content of the course. These resources were instumental in helping to develop early versions of my own Lactation Biology notes, which ultimately have evolved into this online resource. Numerous other resources also have impacted the evolution of these notes over the years. Many of the features of this website arose from questions and input from students and readers of the website from all over the world. The author is appreciative of all of these sources of input and information, and for the encouragement of so many users of the website.

ANSC 438 Lactation Biology