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Mastitis Case Studies

Step 1

Farmer Bo Vine's Problem

Farmer Bo Vine has called you in August and indicated that he has a mastitis problem in his herd. He provides the following information. Mr. Vine has a 60-cow Holstein herd in Eastern Vermont. There has been a recent increase in the incidence of clinical mastitis cases in his herd. Four cows developed clinical mastitis this week and three cows developed clinical mastitis last week. This mastitis has been subacute (flakes or chunks in the milk) or acute (inflamed quarter and flakes or chunks in the milk). Most cases have responded well to oxytocin administration at milking time, followed by intramammary treatment with antibiotic (pirlimycin HCl). A few cows have required more doses of antibiotic than recommended by the manufacturer. His cows are milked twice a day in a single-sided 4-cow parlor. It is a high-pipeline system and he does not have automatic take-offs. The cows are housed and fed in a tie-stall barn. They are turned out into a drylot once a day for exercise and barn cleaning.

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