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Mammary Micro-structure
Dairy Cow Udder Anatomy


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Tissue Organization



Epithelial Cell & Organelles

Synthetic Processes

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This module addresses the microstructure of the mammary gland; that is the histology of the tissue and the ultrastructure of the epithelial cells in the tissue. The lessons learned from this module can be applied to understanding the processes of milk synthesis and secretion. The fundamental microscopic organization of the mammary tissue is essential to the lactation function of that tissue. If the histological organization is disrupted for any reason, then the tissue's ability to produce milk is compromised.

Let's again consider that Holstein cow that was producing 50 kg of milk per day. That means that she is excreting about 1.8 kg of fat, 1.6 kg of protein, 2.5 kg of lactose, and 600 g of calcium, plus about 44 kg of water each day. The tissue and cellular structures that support this exceptional synthesis and secretion of all these organic and inorganic milk components must be up to the task.

Mammary Structure