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Mammary Development
Practice Quiz



This is a sample of a quiz on the Resource pages of the Mammary Development Module. Print is out and use it to help you study the material.

1. Which structure is described as the first anlage of the mammary gland?

  1. mammary crest
  2. mammary band
  3. mammary lines
  4. mammary hillock
  5. mammary streak


2. Which of the following is NOT true of the lactating gland?

  1. the number of mammary cells is fixed throughout lactation
  2. the number of mammary cells changes during lactation
  3. milk production is dependent upon mammary cell number


3. If heifers overeat and grow too rapidly before puberty, mammary parenchymal tissue is decreased and subsequent milk yield is affected. One hormone that is often decreased in these animals is which of the following?

  1. prolactin
  2. progesterone
  3. insulin
  4. growth hormone
  5. estrogen


4. What happens at the mammary bud stage?

  1. milk secretion begins
  2. glands in males stop developing
  3. male and female gland development is identical
  4. the first sign of mammary development can be observed
  5. glands of males and females may be distinguished from each other


5. Which of the following species does not have placental lactogen?

  1. the cow
  2. the goat
  3. the rat
  4. the pig


6. Which of the following best describes the mammary gland during the prepubertal period?

  1. the gland does not change during this period
  2. the gland consists mainly of fat pad
  3. the gland consists mainly of secretory tissue
  4. lobuloalveolar growth is occuring
  5. the gland can synthesize milk


7. What characteristic type of mammary development occurs during pregnancy?

  1. lobuloalveolar growth
  2. isosmotic growth
  3. fast growth
  4. ductal growth
  5. isometric growth


8. Which animals have extensive duct development during estrus and even formation of a few alveoli?

  1. sheep
  2. cows
  3. cyclic animals
  4. pigs
  5. acyclic animals


9. If a pregnant mouse is exposed to high levels of estrogen what happens to mammary development in her female fetuses?

  1. nipples are missing but all other structures are normal
  2. mammary development is unaffected
  3. external appearance of the gland appears normal but no internal structures are present
  4. twice as much mammary tissue develops when the fetuses reach puberty


10. Transforming growth factor-beta does which of the following?

  1. stimulates mammary growth in the prepubertal period
  2. inhibits mammary growth in the prepubertal period
  3. inhibits mammary growth in the fetal period
  4. stimulates mammary growth in the postpubertal period
  5. has no effect on mammary tissue

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