Reproductive Health and Toxicology Lab



The Reproductive Health and Toxicology lab at the University of Illinois is headed by Dr. Romana Nowak and is devoted to the study of reproductive diseases and the effect of the environment on reproduction and embyo/fetal development. Our lab studies a variety of subjects, including phthalates, endometriosis, zika virus, uterine fibroids, embryo implantation and placentation. We use a variety of models, including chickens, mice, and pigs. This lab prides itself on its collaboration with other labs at the University of Illinois as well as other universities and health clinics around the country.

Current members of the lab (including mascot, Murphy) and a visit from Dr. Janice Bahr

The Illinois Society for the Study of Reproduction (ISSR) Conference in 2016

A Christmas Party with other Reproduction labs

Two current graduate students, Cate Lawrence and Adam Li

Graduate student, Rachel Braz Arcanjo, with Dr. Teresa Woodruff and Dr. Jhenifer Rodriques

Celebrating the birthday of graduate student Kadeem Richardson

Some current graduate students enjoying some fresh air outside the lab


Lab members and Dr. Nowak at a 2017 Chinese New Year Celebration

Enjoying quality time as a lab

Lab members, Dr. Nowak, Dr. Bahr, and friends at 2016 Christmas Party