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Animal Nutrition & Health Research

The interaction between nutrition and health is important for both production animal agriculture and human well-being, and there exists a complex interplay between development of a stable microbiota, intestinal function, and maturation of the immune system in young animals. Moreover, normal gastrointestinal function is often compromised when an animal experiences immune activation, including decreases in nutrient digestion and absorption. From a nutritional perspective, these circumstances are quite challenging to manage because disease-challenged animals not only consume less feed, but also experience metabolic shifts that compromise profitability. Research in this area focuses on how nutritional technologies influence growth, immunity, and gastrointestinal function, as well as how nutritional requirements are changed in livestock species experiencing respiratory and enteric infections.

Animal Nutrition & Health Publications

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Conference Presentations

  1. Smith BN, Morris A, Oelschlager ML, Dilger RN. Soy isoflavones and porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome viral infection in weanling pigs. Annual Meeting for American Association of Swine Vetrinarians. Denver. 2017.