Bioinformatics, Statistical Proteomics and Genomics and Systems Biology



Courses taught by Dr. Rodriguez-Zas

Title Call Number   Other names
Quantitative Genetics ANSCI 417 Syllabus ANSCI 317
Statistical Methods ANSCI 445 Syllabus ABE/NRES 445,ANSC345
Applied Animal Genetics ANSCI 444 Syllabus  
Bioinformatics ANSCI 492 Syllabus BIOCH/BIOPH/PHYSL 490 B
Introduction to Statistical Genomics ANSCI 545 Syllabus IB 507, ANSC 492 A
Applied Bioinformatics ANSC 542 Syllabus IB 506, CPSC 569
Bioinformatics/Animal Genetics Seminar ANSC 590 Syllabus INFO 490/590