Companion Animal Biology and Humane Education


Research Projects

Year Project
2000-01 Blood Vitamin C concentrations in dogs as affected by supplementation
2001-02 Synbiotics in pet nutrition
2001-02 Acidifier efficacy for cats
2001-02 Chicory oligosaccharides and mannanoligosaccharides in dog nutrition
2001-02 Fructans of varying molecular weight and their nutritional effects
2001-02 Stabilized rice bran as an ingredient in dog diets
2002-03 Spray dried plasma and red blood cells as ingredients in dog diets
2002-03 Canine nutritional genomics (with Dr. Lawrence Schook)
2002-03 Effects of selected corn hybrids on digestibility and fermentability in the dog
2002-03 Protein source evaluations using dogs
2002-03 Novel glucose polymer utilization by humans and dogs
2003-04 Determination of the effect of lactoferrin supplementation on digestibility and gastrointestinal microbial ecology of dogs
2003-04 Effects of commercial diet composition on nutrient digestibility by dogs
2003-08 Functional food ingrediant effects on canine nutrition and health
2004-06 Niche fish protein hydrolysates for use in dog diets
2004-06 Evaluation of resistant starches by dogs
2004-06 A high mannose yeast cell wall as an ingredient in dog diets
2004-06 Evaluation of organic zinc sources in puppy diets
2004-06 Evaluation of amino acid complexes by dogs
2004-07 Value-added carbohydrates present in co-products of the ethanol industry
2005-06 The impact of infant formula components on fecal microflora and fecal attributes using a weanling pig model
2005-06 Prebiotic activity of resistant maltodextrin
2005-06 Identification of compounds with biological and nutraceutical activity in huitlacoche (Ustilago maydis) galls produced in several genotypes of maize Creole (Zea mays) and hybrid
2005-08 Digestive tolerance, glycemic response, dietary fiber proxy effects, and prebiotic activity of novel carbohydrates
2005-08 Metabolic fate of glucoraphanin from cooked broccoli
2005-10 Defining the nutritional requirements of the developing intestinal ecosystem
2006-07 Unique fiber and protein streams from ethanol production and their use in companion animal diets
2006-07 Evaluation of unique fiber and protein sources from ethanol production
2006-07 Beta-glucan content of select streams resulting from the production of ethanol from corn
2006-07 Nutritional, microbiological, and immunological evaluations of two yeast-based ingredients in adult dog diets
2006-07 In vitro digestion of an oral health treat for dogs
2006-07 In vitro digestion methodology comparisons
2006-08 Utilization of fructooligosaccharides by senior cats
2006-08 Protein catabolites in the large bowel of dogs as affected by dietary inclusion of short-chain and long-chain fructooligo-saccharides
2006-10 Fermentation characateristics of purified high mannan substrates obtained from wood by chickens, pigs, and dogs
2006-11 Kraft Professorship funding
2007-08 Fish protein quality in relation to mammalian and avian proteins
2007-08 Fermentation patterns of select co-products produced from corn-to-ethanol processes
2007-09 Fermentation profiles and prebiotic indices of whole grains, whole grain components, fructans, and fructan blends
2007-09 Effects of novel carbohydrate ingredients on carbohydrate and fat absorption using the dog model
2007-09 Resistant starch as a dietary fiber proxy in pet foods
2007-10 Feeding the human gut microbiota with health-enhancing carbohydrates
2008-09 Giant panda dietary selection and bamboo nutrient composition: Implications for panda health
2008-09 Prebiotic potential of carbohydrate-phenolic complexes in dogs