Companion Animal Biology and Humane Education


Kennel Assistant

o   Brief Description:  This is an entry level type position working for a service dog organization.  Although pay may start low, this is a good job for those interested in becoming more involved in this field.  Many people who begin in this position move up to managerial positions or become service dog instructors.  A kennel assistant will provide daily care for the dogs being housed in the organization’s facility including feeding, medical care, sanitation duties, and record keeping.

o   Approximate Salary Range:  This is likely a minimum wage position

o   Education Requirements:  A high school degree is the only educational requirement.  More importantly, these organizations are looking for individuals with experience in animal care, dog handling and training, and a knowledge of service dog programs.  A Bachelor’s degree will be essential if you would like to move up in the organization.

o   Course Suggestions:  ANSC 307 (Companion Animal Management), ANSC 407 (Animal Shelter Management), and ANSC 250 (Companion Animals in Society)

o   Internship/Volunteer Opportunities: Become a member of the Illini Service Dogs program here on campus.  This will give you good experience working with potential service dogs, and learn more about training in the process.  Internships at local humane societies will also be helpful (see the Champaign County Humane Society internships).

o   Additional Resources: