Companion Animal Biology and Humane Education


Dog Boarding, Day Care, and/or Grooming Services Owner/Manager

o   Brief Description:  Dog boarding kennels, doggy day cares, and grooming facilities provide specific services for owned companion animals.  Doggy day cares provide day time care for animals whose owners are at work during the day, allowing for playtime with other dogs.  Boarding kennels offer care for animals when their owners are out of town for periods of time.  Grooming facilities bathe and clip dogs to ensure quality coat health and prevent issues such as matting.  An individual may choose to start up, or manage, a business that provides one or a combination of these services for pet owners.

o   Approximate Annual Salary:  This will vary depending on the successfulness of the business and how much competition exists in the area where the business is established. 

o   Education Requirement: There are no specific requirements for owning or managing this type of business, but a basic knowledge of business and the needs of animals is important.  Understanding disease management and the behavioral needs for animals is important in these businesses. 

o   Course Suggestions: ANSC 307 (Companion Animal Management), ANSC 407 (Animal Shelter Management), and ANSC 471 (ANSC Leaders and Entrepreneurship).

o   Internship/Volunteer Opportunities:  Getting experience in this field is important, even if you create/find your own internship.  An animal care internship at the Champaign County Humane Society or another shelter can help you understand basic concepts in animal care and cleaning protocols to prevent disease in a kennel situation. 

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