Companion Animal Biology and Humane Education


Campaign/Program Assistant for an Animal Welfare Organization

o   Brief Description:  A program or campaign assistant assists the program manager and staff with a specific campaign within a larger, national animal welfare organization (ASPCA, HSUS, etc.).  This person helps by acting as a customer service representative, developing informational materials on the subject matter, and providing assistance to the campaign or program in any other way that may be needed.  This is generally a good starting position for someone who wants to work their way up within a larger animal welfare organization.

o   Approximate Annual Salary:  This job has a pay range that starts in the lower $30’s.

o   Education Requirements:  A Bachelor’s degree in a related field is generally required, along with general knowledge or experience with the subject matter.

o   Course Suggestions:  ANSC 250 (Companion Animals in Society), ANSC 305 (Human-Animal Interactions), and ANSC 370 (Companion Animal Policy).

o   Internship/Volunteer Opportunities: Interning with a larger, national animal welfare organization is a good way to “get your foot in the door” as many of their internships involve this type of work. 

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§  An example of a campaign by Best Friends Animal Society:

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§  Some additional volunteer opportunities: