Companion Animal Biology and Humane Education


Adoption Counselor

o   Brief Description: An adoptions counselor works with potential adopters to make the right match for a pet.  The counselor will work to screen potential adopters; check references; set up and conduct interviews with potential adopters; coordinate meet and greet sessions between the animal, the family, and other pets; organize and maintain appropriate paperwork regarding adoptions; and will complete the adoption process with approved adopters.  There are also management positions in adoptions overseeing all adoption counselors within an organization.

o   Approximate Annual Salary:  Entry level adoption counselors can expect an average salary of $20,000 while more experienced counselors, and managers, can expect an average of $36,000 per year.  This salary will vary based on the size and location of the organization, along with experience and education level.

o   Education Requirements:  A college degree is not generally required for this position, but often times it can help an individual in the hiring process.

o   Course Suggestions: ANSC 250 (Companion Animals in Society), ANSC 305 (Human-Animal Interactions), ANSC 407 (Animal Shelter Management)

o   Internship/Volunteer Opportunities: Gaining experience working with animals and in the animal sheltering environment is helpful experience when seeking this career.  Try to find a volunteer opportunity at a shelter on your own, or consider applying for an internship with the Champaign County Humane Society, or another animal shelter.

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