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Michael Hutjens

  • Hometown: Green Bay
  • Degrees: University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1971
  • Current Position: Professor Emeritus
  • Description of Research: Dr. Hutjens areas of interest are: Corn silage feed value, Feed particle size evaluation, Alfalfa quality and PEAQ, Effect of propylene glycol for transition cows, Feed value and composition of meat and bone meal, Feed efficiency, Role of yucca extract in BUN and MUN, Feed value of brown mid corn, Use of yeast culture in transition cow diets, Field applications of BST, and Dairy nutrition

Richard Wallace

  • Hometown: Worthington, Ohio
  • Degrees:
    DVM from The Ohio State University 1985
    Dual BS, The Ohio State University 1980 – Dairy Science and Zoology
  • Current Position: Adjunct Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences and Senior Veterinarian, Dairy Technical Services for Zoetis.