Online Dairy Courses


A Professional Development Sequence in Dairy Science

The University of Illinois Online Dairy Courses is a series of structured courses delivered by the Internet using an interactive course delivery system and supplemented by educational modules. A certificate of completion will be awarded to students who successfully complete an online course for credit. This unique program offers undergraduate and graduate credit, continuing credit for veterinarians, professional in-service training for feed industry representatives and cutting-edge information for dairy farm managers on the University of Illinois campus, the State of Illinois, the United States and international clientele.

These courses fill a unique and emerging need in the Department of Animal Sciences, as they reach out to non-traditional students with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, experience and focus. Course material focuses on applied research and knowledge while reviewing basic concepts, which allows all students to reach similar levels of understanding.

Course, Program and Registration Contacts

Enrollment for Fall 2018 is now open. 

For non-credit enrolment and purchasing educational material for credit students:


The “Dairy Certificate Program” is no longer available
Due to changes in faculty, only classes in feeding, ration balancing, forages, and calf and heifer feeding and management will be taught by Dr. Mike Hutjens.  College credit, continuing education credit, and certificate of completion may be earned with remaining classes.